Photos, prints and even more. See the prices of our services before you decide. We can also create custom solutions for your needs. 


Price list for private customers (for prints se separate link below)

On E. CAP-Photo we strive to give you the best possible images after your wishes. To really live up to this we also offer a satisfied-customer guarantee which means that if you are not happy with at least 1 image after a shoot, you as a customer are under no obligation to make a purchase. If that is the case no images will be delivered after the shoot.

Portrait-shoot in studio/outside including 10 digital photos*

Portrait-shoot in studio/outside including 20 digital photos*  

Portrait-shoot in your home within Umeå City including 10 digital photos*

Portrait-shoot in your home within Umeå City including 20 digital photos*

Weddings, packages are custom made to fit your special day. Starting price from

Additional travel-cost outside Umeå per 10km (applicable for portrait-shoots)

CV-Portrait including 3 digital photos
(headshot-images for CV or work-related ID-card),

Scar-photography for insurence purposes or similar

Additional photos, per digital photo

If the shoot is of glamour/nude-art nature additional services are provided. See below for further information**


At E. CAP-Photo we can offer professional photo prints of both your own and, by us shot, photographs. We can by ourself print everything from the traditional size of 10x15 cm up to A2. The separate price list for prints can be found here.

For businesses

For other types of photography requests or business request I ask you to contact me and together we work out a custom package for your needs.


All payment is done either directly by Swish or through invoice via mail or E-mail. If you choose to pay by invoice it will be sent the same day as the photo-shoot unless other is agreed when the service is ordered. 

The invoice is due in  30 days. E. CAP-Photo has a valid tax card.


*You will be able to select the images you want either right at  the shoot or if you wish via a specially created and locked webpage which you can access from your own home. At the homepage you can make your selection directly from your own computer. The price also includes basic retouch of the chosen images if you wish for anything to be corrected after the shoot. The digital images will be delivered via  E-mail. If you wish you can also bring your own USB-stick or buy one after the shoot.

**Whenever you are buying a shoot of a more intimate nature for the first time such as glamour or nude-art an additional initial shoot before the actual one is included in the price. This opportunity is available so that you as a customer will be allowed to both get accustomed to working with the photographer but also as a chance for you to be able to see what kind of posing, mode or angles might work in favor of what you want to create. From this you will be given 10 low-resolution images what you will be able to study at home before the main shoot. 


Before making a purchase we ask you to review E. CAP-Photo's Terms & Conditions.

We also want to notify you that E. CAP-Photo follows current laws and regulations regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). To read more in depth about GDPR than you find in our terms and conditions, and how it affects you as a customer, we ask you to visit the homepage of the Swedish Data Inspection Board.

1 500 SEK

2 200 SEK

2 000 SEK

2 700 SEK

7 500 SEK

25 SEK

500 SEK

1 250 SEK

100 SEK