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About me

E. CAP-Photo - About me, the photographer in Umeå


      Welcome to E.CAP-Photo

Erik Eriksson is my name. I am a passionate photographer from Umeå, Sweden who through the years have been photograping all things imaginable between heaven and earth. Beside my own photography I also teach in photography through Studieförbundet Vuxenhögskolan and am happy to accept new students who are eager to learn about being behind the camera.

My biggest passion is portrait photography and to portray people from their best side. Shooting is usually done in my home studio but if the need arises I do not hesitate to pack up my things and come and photograph right in your home, outside or if you happen to have a special location i mind. 

I strive towards showing "you as you are" and always try to capture the image directly in camera. This means that you can proudly show your images and be sure that it is "you" in the picture. At the same time due to this delivery is often swift and sometimes you are able to bring home your finished images directly from the shoot.